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Aidan Sayre




Welcome to my website! I'm a web developer/entrepreneur from Ohio.  Feel free to look around or message me on the homepage if you're bored!

What have I been up to?


July 7, 2022

September 14, 2015

My latest work. My old high school wanted a parent-teacher site made. Of course, I didn't decline, this was huge for me. Made the entire site in about 2 weeks. They wanted me to add a lot of features such as RSVPing to meetings, e-commerce, blog/news page, and a lot more. The site was titled

Made some small sites in between the OG Headphone phase in my life and this point. This was the first very serious site I've made. Business owner wanted full inventory added, e-commerce, shipping weights calculated, and a ton more. Vastly improved my skills since 2015 and created a beautiful site titled

Created a site called at 12 years old. My aunt supplied cool-looking golden headphones which I sold for a higher price online, and in school. Dropshipping before it was cool. Sold out entire supply to schoolmates in little over a week. 

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