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The Move Ohio


Social Media Platform

What is it?

Introducing The Move Ohio - the perfect solution for anyone looking to find and attend parties/events, connect with friends, and share moves. With our app, you'll be able to easily find parties, events, or whatever is happening near you and connect with friends to plan your next move.


Our app allows you to communicate with friends through a built-in post-comment/reply feature, so you can easily coordinate plans and keep each other updated in real-time. You can also like and share posts with friends, allowing you to stay connected even when you're not at a party.


But that's not all. Our app also lets you personalize your account to showcase your personality and style. From customizing your profile picture and cover photo, to showing off your rare badges, you can make your account truly your own.

The Story Behind it.

Picture me, 16 years old, just trying to fit in. Throwing ragers at my mom's house, 200+ people Halloween parties, etc. Now picture that same kid 3 years later. I don't party much anymore despite what you probably think. However, so many people still text me asking what the move is for the night. So instead of responding to all these texts, I fill the need. And thus, The Move Ohio was born.

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